Sewing Projects

These are all projects related to sewing of some kind. Since I do various types of sewing,  I'll break it down in categories.  And of course, I'll continuously update this page.


Ice Cream Social Part One:  Part one of the ice cream social sewalong hosted on flickr.

It's Done!:  My stylish nursing dress was executed almost flawlessly, with a few hiccups along the way, but in the end it worked out as well as I hoped.

The Making and Designing of a Dress:  I decided on a whim to try and make myself a dress that would allow me to nurse a baby, yet not look like a nursing dress.

The Dresses are Done:  Blog showing the final product of the dresses I had blogged about planning to do.

Dresses for the Girls:  This was a blog that I wrote that expressed interest and planning on making dresses for the girls.


Latest Quilting Project from Start to Finish:  This was my first quilt sample I made to test out some techniques I had read about on a blog.

My Upteenth Goal to Blog More:  Features the quilt I made for my nephew and gave to my Sister in Law as a baby shower gift.


I Made a Hooter Hider:  Blog about the hooter hider I made for my friend Ngaire.