Here's a list of tutorials I've done.  Most of them pertain to papercrafting and digital work.  I'll just post them from most recent to the first, and in relevant categories.  As I create more tutorials, they will be linked here.  I've included a brief description of each tutorial to easily refer to what you're wanting to look for.

Card Making and Scrapbooking Tutorials:

Layering with Cricut Cuts = I didn't label it as a tutorial, but I did show how to create a card with the cricut that had layered elements.

Tutorial for Pop-Out Card Challenge = A tutorial on creating a pop out card that I was inspired to create from a card that Hallmark had put out during the Christmas Season of 2008.

How To Share Cut Files = A quick tutorial on sharing cut files for Cricut Design Studio.  This was created before the Gypsy came out; however I'm pretty sure that sharing Gypsy files can be done in the same fashion.

Digital Tutorials Using Photoshop:

Creating a Completely Digital Layout = A highly detailed -and slightly long- tutorial on how to do digital scrapbooking, using a premade digital kit and photograph(s).

Color Blocking  = A tutorial showing how to make your photographs black and white, except for a select subject.

Using a Photograph As Your Background = A tutorial created to teach how to use a picture as a background 'paper' for a digital layout.

Creating a Digital Element from a Photograph = A tutorial about taking an object out of a photograph and turning it into a digital element for digital scrapbooking.