Monday, November 10, 2008

I Made a Hooter Hider!

Okay, I'm a huge personal advocate of breastfeeding.  I breastfed Zoe her first year of life; formula never crossed her palate.  I of course gave her other things too like juice starting when she was six months old and then I transitioned her to whole milk when she was a few weeks shy of one just to start transitioning over.  And of course, I'm currently breastfeeding Ruthie as well.  Ruthie however has recieved some formula, but it was just from samples that I recieved at the hospital and then I bought some because of the frequency and duration that we've have their Grandma Wendy watch them.

Anyway, Ngaire -remember the invitations and diaper cake?- had her beautiful little girl on Halloween!  And currently, Ngaire is breastfeeding Azrael, but like any new mom, breastfeeding is kind of an adjustment for her.  There's the 'what's going on with my boob' issue where she's not quite sure if the baby is latched and it's much easier for her to nurse if she's able to see what Azrael is doing.. and I guess hiding under a blanket in the dark isn't helping much in terms of visibility.  I remembered that she registered for a hooter hider, but unfortunately did not receive one.  I had some fabric that I was given by a friend and I offered to make one for Ngaire out of the fabric.  It was kind of a stretchy, thicker fabric that's probably for decorating or something.  Anyway, I looked up online how to make them and found a decent tutorial here, and then sent our husbands to Joann's for some D rings and boning and after 45 minutes, a few male-oriented jokes, and a failed seam, I finished it!  Here's what it looked like.  I didn't have Ngaire model it since she would have thought I was strange, but I did get two pictures of it hanging off of a door knob.

Anyway, there you have it!  I felt I could have been a bit neater with the seams, but it was my first one, and Ngaire didn't seem to care, she just wanted something to make breastfeeding easier.


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