Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I've Been Working On (Part One)

This is post  number 85, which means that there's only 15 (14?) more posts to my 100th post and a giveaway!  Anyways, I've been quite a busy bee in my sewing room!

The first thing -albeit not the first- thing I've been working on is a sew-along called The Ice Cream Social, which is being hosted by Amy from badskirt (I love her blog name, it's so cute!).  Basically, a bunch of folks from around the globe follow along and sew the same thing -or rather in this case, one of three versions of the same sewing pattern- and we just share our progress over on flickr.  The pattern in question of course is the Ice Cream Dress that's made by Oliver + S (the plus should be read as 'and') and it's so awesome and cute!  It comes in sizes from 6M-4 and 5-12 and several people have actually modified it to fit their adult bodies!  I plan on doing this, but I want to get the feel of the pattern first by making the top for Zoe first.  And instead of zipping ahead on the sewalong -something that most people are doing and it's quite okay to do so-  I've decided to instead keep pace with it, just to keep in the spirit of things.  So, far we've sewed together the yoke.  I messed it up a bit and incorrectly sewed the bottom part of the front of the yoke, but I can easily take it apart and fix it.  In the meantime I've got two pictures of my progress.

Her expression totally cracks me up.  I had initially placed the yoke on my design wall to take a picture and she decided to come into my sewing room and be nosy to investigate what I was doing.  The converstation went something like this:

Zoe: Walks into my sewing room. Hi Mommy.  Whatcha doin?
Me:  I'm working on your shirt!  Come here let me put the yoke on you. (like she knows what a yoke is...)  I put it on her.
Zoe: Looks down at the yoke.  I think my shirt is a little small...
Me:  Of course it is, I'm not finished yet.  Let me take a picture!  She then gives me a weird look as I try to take pictures... after the first one she giggles and runs off, I manage to grab her and get the yoke back from her.

She was a bit resistive to me taking a picture, because usually when I take pictures of her without her asking she knows they are going to go on the internet.  I tried to get her to smile and would have been perfectly okay with posting a picture of her with her version of smiling, which is her pulling a weird face and sticking her tongue out sideways and squinting funny.


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