Monday, May 10, 2010

Sentimental Post

We've been back from our trip to Virginia for a week now, so I figured it would be a good time as any to start blogging about the trip.  I'm going to do this in chunks, and I wanted to start by blogging about my first sewing machine.

My dad still had it, and I decided to just leave her in Virginia with him.  That way he has one as well if he needs it for some reason.  Yes, my dad sews.  So what?  It's just one of many power tools he knows how to use!  Oddly enough, my mother couldn't use a sewing machine to save her life...

Anyways, I had the presence of mind during the packing frenzy to snap a picture of it before we left.  I was going to drag it outside to get a picture in natural light, but it was drizzling outside and I didn't want to get any strange looks.

Like I've said before, my first machine was a Babylock, one of the reasons why I currently own a babylock.. this one has been through the mill and is currently out of commission; however my dad has a friend who used to repair sewing machines for a living, so he's going to have him take a look at it and fix it for him.  It's so cool, it can use a double needle for sewing!  My dad was trying to remember how much he paid for it; however he doesn't remember.. he thinks somewhere between $100 and $200 ($143 to $286 adjusting for inflation in case anyone is nerdy enough to want to know)  He kept asking me but he NEVER told me how much he paid for it.

She's held up pretty well over the years since it was purchased in 1994, and as much as I would have loved to bring it home and fix her up and use it, I decided to leave it behind.  Mostly because we didn't have the room for it.

I'll end up getting it back anyway someday so it's all good.

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  1. wow, that's pretty awesome! i don't even remember what i did with my first sewing machine. but i do remember using my mother singer in a table. My dad bought it for her cuz my mother loved to sew stuff up! i wish i still had that table....oh the memories of holding the fabric for my mom (even when i didn't have to) off the back of the table....good times, goooooood times.....>>>aretha vela